Why does moving power cables break my pc

Hello, My pc has been running for about a year now and ive just bought a new graphics card and new psu to handle the graphics card.

when i opened up my case to check if the size of the gpu would fit, i noticed that the power cables were messy and illogically arranged.

so the cable went
1) dvd drive 1 -> dvd drive 2
2) pci additional usb's -> hard drive
3) unused

i thought not only is (2) going on a round trip around the case but surely it would be better for the HDD to run off its own power.
so i changed it to this

1) dvd drive 1 -> dvd drive 2
2) pci usb's
3) hard drive

happy with tidying up my case i put it back and turned it on to first being greeted by a whirring and then it turned itself back off after 3 seconds. so i turned it back on and this time whirred a bit longer then presented me with a message saying it had failed to boot several times so its taking my to the bios screen to resolve the issue.

i confirmed that it was recognising the HDD at that it was set at the boot drive and tried again. but no cigar. so after opening it up again and replacing the cables in their original layout it worked again...

im now worried that somehow if i dont set my new psu up as i did this one it wont work. can anyone shed any light on this strange issue and/or reassure me that i should have no problems once my new psu arrives?

TLDR; should moving power cables between components effect anything?
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  1. Might be something to do with the rails on the psu too. Each cable draws power from different rails. If one rail is overdrawn, your pc no work.
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