Valuing a PC in the Secondary Market

I have been toying with the idea of a new build recently and am wondering if there is a good way to research relative value of a homebuilt PC in the secondary market (craigslist ebay). I would appreciate any input from anyone who has managed to sell or buy a similar confguration.

Current configuration:

CM 690 case
ASUS P6T deluxe v2
i7 920 @ 3.8 stable for 4 years now
GTX 295 with EVGA backplate
Corsair 750w PSU
12gb 1600 gskill ram (8-8-8-21 recently upgraded)
640gb WD caviar black HDD
windows 7 64 bit

I'm wondering if I would be able to get any sort of decent money for this or if I would be better off attempting to part it out. Listings are very sparse on the internet (unless my search terms are terrible).

I know that building a new pc doesn't make a lot of sense from a value standpoint, as this rig is still able to run most anything I throw at it. However, I have the financial means for it and am looking to upgrade to SATA III/USB 3.0 and a small step up in the GPU department.

Thanks for any information.
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  1. $650-700? Maybe if you part it out. As a system, maybe $450-500. Itd be a nice mid range system now, just cause the tech is pretty old.
  2. You can probably get some money for it, but it won't be near what you paid for it.

    In that build, I'd probably recycle the case, PSU, hard drive, and OS if you can. The rest can be parted out (maybe sell the CPU and MOBO as a package). If you've got a DVD drive in there, recycle that as well. In this way, you'll save some money and it'll kind of be like somebody paid you for these things :)

    Another thought, if you'd rather start fresh with your new system, is just to keep this one around. Use it as a backup, a folding rig, etc. Maybe even pop in a few WD Red drives and turn it into an NAS or home server.
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