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I have been searching all morning looking for the best solution.

I have an Avaya IP office setup on a 1.5 mb T1 PRI at location 1. My second location is going to run IP phones over 15mb/1mb DSL connection. All calls will generate from the IP office at location 1. I will have 6-8 IP phones at location 2.

I assume i need a VPN setup between the two office for the IP phones to work. I've been looking for the best VPN solution and it appears for a budget the Netgear FVS318 or FVS338 is the way to go. If I go that route do I just need a FVS338 or FVS318 at both locations? Is there a better solution? We are a small business and we aren't going to have a budget of more than $400 for both pieces. Cheaper the better.

Is Ipcop a solution for a VPN setup like this? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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  1. I've also been looking at the Cisco RV042 for the VPN access. As I mentioned about I imagine I just need one at each location. Do I need software licenses on top of that?
  2. Although I'm not very familiar with VOIP, I am very familiar with VPN. I would say that your would not be able to get enough speed to make a VOIP solution over VPN. Do you have a PBX or do the phone just operate independently. If independently you will not need a VPN as the phones just need internet access.
  3. The PBX is located at location 1 with the T1/PRI. Location #2 will have the IP phones that connect to the PBX at location #1.
  4. As VOIP is a streaming connection that requires a fast and very stable connection, I'm not sure that a VPN is going to be good for this solution as it has a very high overhead for encryption.
    If you want to try, I would recommend watchguard products, they make it pretty easy to setup an office to office VPN (Branch office VPN). You will need 2 devices, more something like XTM 21 or 22
  5. brandinio said:
    Hi - this is pretty easy to answer - we do loads of AVAYA IP Offices with remote sites running small numbers of IP phones. We always use Draytek Vigor routers as they are modestly priced, easy to configure and reliable. One important thing - You really must use dedicated broadband connections (used only for this voice application) - anything else and you will be disappointed. So to be clear you must have a dedicated broadband at each site - get a Be There connection if available on each exchange - if you want any more advice, get in touch.

    We have been AVAYA partners since 1996 so we know what we are doing (many do not!).



    Is there a certain model of Draytek Vigor router that you recommend for this setup? I have a dedicated 15mb/1mb DSL circuit for the phones only. The only thing I'm a little confused on is the receptionist console. If I have a connection for internet and phone how do I get the receptionist computer to use the internet connection and not the phone connection?
  6. We are going to have a receptionist console at each location. Both receptionist console will be on a Windows 7 machine with 2 NIC. One NIC is wired (Phone Network), and the other is wireless (Normal internet traffic and printers). I'm a little confused how I force the wired NIC for the Avaya software only, and the wireless NIC for internet traffice only.
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