Random Restarts

Computer randomly goes to black screen and boots up again. Have tried other os's doesnt change anything, does it at random times and its not during any specific activity. It wont restart in the bios menu though.

Amd athlon II x3 450

MSI 970a-g45

ati radeo hd 6700

Patriot 2gb ddr3

ram: 2x http://patriotmemory.com/products/detailp.jsp?prodline=5&catid=34&prodgroupid=205&id=649&type=1
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  1. whats your power supply? it might be giving out on you (if your pc restarts when gaming)
    run a mem test to check for errors
  2. Sounds like a bad PSU to me. Can you post the PSU model you are using?
  3. rocketfish 900w continuous (RF-900WPS)
  4. also sometimes when i click on restart or shutdown or logoff, my computer will go blackscreen and reboot
  5. also my ccomputer wont turn on at all unless i put a small piece onto the JBAT1 or Clear Cmos jumper that makes it Keep data.
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