My new pc wont boot,help pls!

So i was in the proces of building a new pc until mi current one broke,so today i was forced to build a new pc with the parts i everything is connected corectly but when i try to boot it there is no motherboard sound like when it boots but all the fans are spinning,hdd is working and CPU gets hot(been trying for 30 mins) so all i get is a black screen,just wont boot. I switched the RAM around tryed 2 CPU and 2 gpu,same results.
Amd fx4100
ATI radeon hd 5750
Lc power 500w office series
Asrock 970 extreme3
Old gskill 4gb 800mhz ram

I thinks its the RAM ,maybe fx doesnt support 800 ram,also need to note all the parts worked today in diff computers.

Help pls,ty
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