Why Is This So Cheap?

I'm looking into a GTX 560 Ti and I'm finding most of them to be kind of pricy in the $200-$250 range. I found one over here at Best Buy...;jsessionid=BD739DF14CEEDE05574DC5917F52A6B3.bbolsp-app06-37?id=1218417162465&skuId=3568846&st=gtx%20560%20ti&cp=1&lp=7

...that was going for like $163. Why is this one so much cheaper than the rest of the pack? What's wrong with it? Or is it just a diamond in the rough great deal? Sorry if I'm a bit skeptical, I just don't want to spend my money and get burned.
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    GTX 560 Ti is the last generation card. Their performance is a bit below HD 7850, which are priced at ~$170-180. The only reason they are so expensive is because they stopped making them and they became rare. GTX 660 should is a replacement for GTX 560 Ti, as it's 25-30% faster.

    However, after digging around, I found that it's a mistake on that website. They list wrong specs: the model number is of total different card which is weaker. Much weaker. Don't buy it!
  2. Ah ha, I just answered my own question. There's a comment under the reviews from some poor guy who tried to buy it and it's mislabeled. It's really a regular GTX 560, not a 560 Ti. Some guy at the Best Buy website must have screwed up.

    EDIT: I saw 19 seconds after you did :lol:
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  4. Yeah I bought a PNY GTX560ti at my local Best Buy a few weeks ago for $130, brand new, sealed, no gimmicks. I asked the salesman why it was so cheap and he said PC parts don't sell in this area and since they've been on the shelf for a year they have to go.

    When you've had something in stock for that long and its not selling, you slowly widdle down the price until someone with very little will power to pass up a good deal, (like me), comes in and buys them!
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