HD Radeon Sapphire 6670 vs. Sapphire 6570?

Which on of these card will run on a 250w psu? Im looking at the Sapphire 6670 1GB DDR3 and the Sapphire 6570 2GB DDR3. I understand that these cards are recommend for 400-500w but that seems way to high, ive heard of people running these card at 250w before.



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  1. You REALLY need a new PSU, I've never seen one that low from a quality brand. The high recommended number are for those with crappy low quality PSUs. The lower actual requirements you might have seen are for quality PSU.

    Both cards use almost exactly the same power, and it is very low, but unless you are replacing and existing card, it's hard to recommend add one to a 250W system. Not that it won't work, but don't complain when you have strange problems.
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