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His 6870 iceQx running too hot.


I recently purchased a His 6870 iceQx and I noticed mine is running hotter that the others.

Mine runs at 52 C while idle and others has posted on websites that normal should be 32 C.

Mine under stress runs normally, 65 C which is OK. Room tempearture is 25C.

Is there something I should do?

I contacted, I guess a non technical person took my case and suggested to RMA and get replacement, but that is not an option since I am currently in another country from where I bought it.

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  1. Check whether the wires inside your Cabinet are placed properly or not.
    Those wires can block Air Flow.

    Check this out:
  2. mmm no I don't think that is the problem, I have tried two different cases and also leaving the case open for a while, still the same temp.

    Do you think they might fogot to apply termal paste or did it incorrectly?
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    One day when I cleaned my Old Computer. Which wasn't clean from a year.
    I found that the Gap between the CPU Fan and Processor was filled by Alot of dust and Webs of spider.
    I cleaned it and then found this big margin:


    Idle Temp: 54
    Full load Temp: 65


    Idle Temp: 39
    Full load Temp: 57

    So I'd say that you should clean your GPU with a Blower.
    If you cleaned properly and then also nothing decreased then send it to RMA.
  4. Check the fan speed in CCC it should be spinning at 28% with no load. (depends on the type of cooler obviously). My 6950 is also an iceqx and spins at 28% idle
  5. Yes, it is spining at 30%, when I have time I will open the card and reapply termal paste.

    Most probably this came defective as its brand new(no dust).

    thanks for tips guys
  6. just a quick question, are you running 1 or 2 monitors?
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