Hitman Absolution issues with directx10 and graphic card

hi ! have a little probleme =( ,

i have no problems with other games, but Hitman just don't want to work and give me the window telling me "Failed to initialize DirectX. This game requires a DirectX 10-capable graphics card"

giving u my computer's specificities :

GeForce GTX560 2048Go ram
intel i7-2700
16Go ram
windows7 - x64

i've looked for solutions everywhere but it's the only place i found someone with the same problem...

If someone can help me please...
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  1. Well it's a 32 bit, but I don't think that should have anything to do with it.
    So my guess is that it isn't made for dx10,
    I am sure your video card can run dx11 though
    should try that
  2. thx Jessedavid4 for ur answer =)

    But my card run dx11 and dx11 was already install on my pc. So it's not the problem.
    I uninstal my gc's drivers then reinstall, uninstall manualy dx (cause we can't uninstal it from the uninstal tool of windows, then reinstal. But problem still here.

    So i looked for a new crack, and find an installer for the crack, not only copy/paste files, then my game worked, so if someone have the same probleme, there is the link for the dl (torrent) :
  3. Don't...

    Ask for help pirating, cracking passwords, or bypassing copyright protection
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