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Hi, After some very extensive research I have came to a decision about which GPU I am going to get my problem is that I am crossed between these two I need help from some one more knowledgeable than me about GPU's to help me decide I plan on running on 1920x1200 maybe dual screens one day and I plan on heavily modding skyrim. I also will be keeping this card for a while because I will not be upgrading that often so I want one set for the next while this will be my first computer build so much help would me appreciated thanks. For you to understand why I am stressing over this is because I am upgrading from a Radeon HD 2400 (I know). Thanks again
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  1. As you said you'll upgrade to 2 screens one day, you'll probably need the Gigabyte one.
    Because 1080p+ resolutions use more than 2GB of VRAM. And the Gigabyte one is very cool.
  2. What about just one screen
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    They both will be fairly same. Asus is one of the leading brand.
    Now the choice is yours.

    I would get the Gigabyte one because it will future proof. You can easily upgrade to 2 monitors and still get the best. Or else is any game in future may require more than 2GB.

    Search some more Cards. More brands and check Benchmarks.
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