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No post, yes ive read and done the troubleshoot guide

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January 30, 2013 12:34:19 AM

Old comp was dieing due to age a little, but also some very stupid and poor OC'ing on my part including pushing a E8400 dual core to 4Ghz with stock cooler for a little while and pushing the 4850 radeon using the Catalyst tools. didnt keep the setting long cos of high temps (duh). Also pretty sure ive had viruses. Bad dust as well. General poor treatment really over 3 or so years.

Started getting slow, and then playing rome TW graphics screwed up and upon restart, got dotted lines all over the place and cant play any games. icons dissappearing all over the place. Started getting cpu fan errors (fan wasnt moving, had to manually push it for it to start) and disk checks every boot up.

So decided to keep the upgrade cheap by keeping the old case, X blade, disk drives and PSU (COLORS it 650U 650 watts). Decided on gigabyte F2A85X-D3H AMD FM2 mother board, using an athlon II x4 740 3.2Ghz 65w processor, Radeon 7750, 1TB barracuda hdd and 2x4GB XMS3 ddr3 1600mhz ram. 650 watts seemed easily good enough to power the system.

im writing this on my old system (can give more details if needed) because i built the system and when i pressed the on switch, the led's lit and the cpu fan and case fans turned but then stopped after 1 second.

tried pretty much all the steps to get it working including disconnecting all drives, then graphics card and old wireless card, then ram, swapping ram modules around, removing a screw i found behind the mobo, removing the heatsink and cpu and then re attaching (said i needed to re do thermal paste but i didnt have any other than what was on there and thought it was pointless at this atge), changing the front panel connections polarity. dont have a system speaker which is evidently very annoying and not sure where i can get one atm.

ended up breedboarding with just mobo, cpu, ram and ofc switches, same effect, get 1 second of power, but only when i freshly plug the power cable in and flcik the psu switch. if i press again after, nothing happens at all.

Breedboarded with old mobo cpu and ram, turned on fine. doesnt help my old mobo has a power light on it but my new one doesnt. im assuming its now down to psu, mobo or cpu. i was mainly using an ati static wrist strap, wore through out building, though not always when messing around trying to find out wtf was up. of note, power from psu to mobo using 24 pin main connector, bit mobo has 8 pin ATX cpu power while i have a 4 pin. read that thats no problem and i plugged it into the only way it would go which seemed fine. read up that its not an issue but atm its the only thing i can think of. seriously despairing, this is my first build, and i some how knew this would happen. any and all help appreciated. sorry for the long post but trying to be very specific to try and get to the root asap

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January 30, 2013 1:15:05 AM

get a system speaker

and a new PSU
January 30, 2013 8:45:25 AM

Is it the PSU though? because it works fine in the old system and should easily have enough juice?

Also, im the uk, so will have a look for some uk sites for a speaker, would most computer shops have them? save on time and P+P