Need help with an i5/motherboard combo

Well its finally time to ditch the budget AMD processor in favor of an i5 I've heard so many good things about. I do a variety of things on my computer raging from Photoshop to 3d rendering and quite a bit of gaming. Currently my processor is really holding me back on some of the latest gaming titles and its starting to bother me; also I would like to prep for a few titles that will be coming out soon.

I will be carrying over my Nvidia 560gtx and my 8gb of 1333 DDR3 Gskill ram, along with my hard drive and sound card. I would like a motherboard with the ability to go SLI with another 560 or similar card, as well as having room for my sound card, other than that no other requirements.

Overclocking is something I have done in the past (mostly on the GPU), however not something im terribly familiar with. I know some people push their i5's to insane levels, but spending more money on aftermarket cooling options is not something I would like to invest in at this point.

As far as budget goes if I could keep it to within $350 or so I would be a happy man. Also looking to expand the power supply as im on the edge right now with only 500w. I will need something that can support 2 cards in the future and perhaps a little extra headroom to be safe.

Thank you to anyone who can offer advice/ point me in the right direction. With technology moving so quick I will just rely on the experts here to get me in the game again, thanks guys!
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  1. i5 3570K and the ASRock Extreme4 or Extreme6
  2. Rockdpm said:
    i5 3570K and the ASRock Extreme4 or Extreme6

    I'd agree. If you live near a Micro Center, you could get this for around $270. Maybe less if the the 3570k goes down to $169.99 again.
  3. Any chance I could stick with the case I have now? its an older cyberpower case from 4 years ago or so, power supply mounts on top, is that an issue?
  4. nope. You can keep everything else. I honestly don't see why the guy recommended the deal with the PSU. Because the I5 and mobo i recommended is better
  5. I had mentioned that I would like a larger PSU to support SLI in the future as my 500w now is already at its limits. Thanks for the help though guys, starting to narrow things down.
  6. i5 3570k and Gigabyte Z77X ud3h
  7. I would get a UD3, UP5 the low-mid range gigabye boards are decent. Just dont get any that have the blue PCB..
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