Good graphics card to buy?

I am thinking about getting one of three graphics cards to get i have no idea and the prices are the same they are also the same model but have slightly different clock rate (not by much at most 70 mhz) i just really want to know which one will cool the best
I also want the 650 modle because it is cheap and it comes with AC3

Msi Card-

Galaxy card -

EVGA card -

I wouldnt mind playing the rebate game but i dont really need to all that much. Also the Galaxy card has the highest clock rate by 50MHz

Thank you for all of your comments and answers! :)
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  1. If you have a good PSU (As in it supports the cards requirements) I suggest a GTX 550TI. The boost in performance is quite a bit.

    Check the relative gpu performance graph.

    But, If i had to choose between these 3 models, Id choose the Galaxy or MSI card, In that order

    Also, The 650 (non ti) does meet right at the recommend sys req for AC3
  2. If you can dunk in a little more cash, I highly recommend the 650 TI. It is faster than the 550 Ti.
  3. Yea a little more cash for the 650Ti and you'll be golden
  4. Sorry, typo, that 550 was ment to be 650 =/
  5. Agreed, skip the 650. Pick up at least a radeon 7770 or better yet a 650 ti. I am upgrading from an old gts450 to a 7850.
  6. Just a heads up, it goes in this order last time I checked, from least to most powerful
    GTX 650>Radeon 7770>GTX650 Ti
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