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I have a lenovo e520 (Radeon 6630+Intel), purchased in November, 2011. I have one of those annoying "display overscaled" issues (display is too large for the screen). The funny thing is that it appears to fix itself every once in a while (twice actually) and then after a few days, return to bug the life out of me. What is really terrible though, is that, after months of hunting I haven't been able locate much info on a possible fix. Even threads which report a similar problem seem to just die after much heated discussion on global politics. Jokes apart, is there any technical repository from where I can learn how LCD screens work; from the hardware lines on the connector to how the bios and os might handle parameters like screen size, orientation, etc. I have some experience with microcontroller programming (very very basic) and have ripped open at least three lcd displays. I have also already dumbfounded the concerned technical/service 'executives' with my questions. Any pointers?
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  1. in the ccc control panel there is a scaling option you will have to activate the box and set the scaling.
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