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Hi all,

So I find myself needing to buy a gaming desktop, but on a tighter-than-i'm-used-to budget which has me thrown because I've not had to consider balancing a system before.

Currently i'm looking at CCLonline because they seem to be fine with tweaking their models, and their prices seem friendly (feel free to tell me i'm wrong and point me in a better direction! XD)

ATM, I'm looking at these two models because they're within my budget (around £600)


What I'm wondering is if I'd be better off opting for the cheaper one and putting the excess from my budget into an upgrade or two? (and if so what?) or if I'd just be better off with the slightly more costly one? Or hell, would the 500 quid one be fine without upgrades? (I'm just a casual gamer after all)

In an ideal world I want something that will be able to play modern games (I think civ 5 or skyrim are the highest spec ones I own) without too much lag, graphics are nice but hey, i'm a student and i'm aware my budget is far from high-end!

If it matters, my plans are to survive on this thing for a year, and then when i hopefully have a cashflow to buy upgrades to improve performance. But I need to know if either of these would be worth getting.
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  2. Would you consider building it yourself?
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