Which graphic card should I get?

I'm looking to get a new graphic card, and I'm leaning towards the hd 7970 but I read at some websites that the card has been giving low fps on far cry 3 and other games, is it a good card to get or should I get 7870 or gtx 660ti? Thanks
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  1. the best single gpu option is the 7970 no doubt about it, now the second option would be the gtx 670 period. with decent oc it will perform at the level of a stock 680, and the 7970 will pass it.
  2. GTX670 will actually easily go beyond a GTX680 with overclocking. Infact there are factory-OC 670s that already do as standard! GTX670 is my vote.
  3. If you can afford then get GTX 680.

    Or else GTX 670 is very impressive there.
    You can OC your GTX 670 as said above to get the Best out of it.
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