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Audio/Video Shut-off Issues

Hey Community,

I've been having some good old fashioned PC problems the last few days and I could use some direction.

For the past few days my monitors have been prone to shut off while gaming. After a few seconds, the sound cuts out as well. The PC doesn't shut off until I do so manually.

Continuously rebooting and opening up games again seems to increase the frequency of the "crashes," so I thought it might be heat related, but I didn't notice any temperature spiking.

I've also noticed my keyboard's lit keys flickering occasionally.

Power supply? Motherboard? I'm not sure how to check or proceed from here.

The video card is an HD5870, the power supply is ample to run the system, which is all over two years old. This is the first issue like this I've had with the system, and it's only been happening for about a week.

Thanks in advance!
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