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Program Integration within a Windows 7 Install

You know how you can integrate service packs into windows and create an Windows installation disk with service packs included? Can you do the samething with Software programs like Office.....etc.

Is this a programmer thing? I know from my own system I can use a Ghost like program and create an image of my drive. I am not talking about that though. I am talking pure installation with programs pre-loaded on the disk to save time on haveing to install them.

Is there a software program out there that can do this?

Thanks in advance for any info you can share with me on this.
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    certain programs can be yes. There is a utility that is explained here -> .

    The site for the program -> .

    Depending on how much you put on the disk you may need to use a large USB stick or a blu-ray disk.
  2. Thanks for the information Caqde. I started useing the rt7lite program last night.
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