Gtx280 for new games

hi guys! a friend is selling his gtx280 to me for 80USD
i know it trade blows to a gtx460, and the price is very cheap.

can it run the new games/ i know it cant run dx11 but it can run dx10 and dx9
game manufacturers make thier games dx10 and dx11
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    You can get a 7770 for slightly more, so in my opinion no there is no point in buying it. Don't get me wrong the 280 was good for it's time but that was 4 years ago.
  2. but can it run these new games sir?
  3. It will be able to run new games but it won't be able to run them at max settings, although if you can spend perhaps more money like $125, you will be able to buy a AMD HD 7770 which will perform the same as a 280 but it will also have DX11 support which all new games have and the difference between DX10 and DX11 is quite impressive.

    DX10 vs DX11
  4. My GT240 plays most games I throw at it (although I can't use high settings). It was not able to play Battlefield 3 though, so any game in that category, I wouldn't expect it to work. But the 280 is better than my 240, I don't know the difference though.

    I play Skyrim, NBA 2K13, Assassin's Creed, etc... I haven't tried Creed 3 yet but I'd expect it to be playable.
  5. it will be running a 1680x1050 monitor in my boy's rig.
    if it run at the speed of hd7770 without dx11 its fine
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