Reccomendations for graphics cards for gaming and which is best on lis

Planning to run planetside 2 and crysis 2 and 3 on max setting s (when 3 gets released)
Please put reccomendations below.
I was cosnidering buying
1.radeon 7950
2. gtx 660 ti
3. gtx 660
4.gtx 670
If you have no reccomendations put in orde rwhich one you would want the most t
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  1. depends allot on your res(if higher than 1080p 7950#1, if 1080p or lower gtx 670#1)
    followed by
  2. 1.GTX 670 2. 7950
  3. According to me.

    GTX 670
    GTX 660 Ti
    GTX 660
  4. bump
  5. for some reason(unknown to me) bumping is not allowed on these forum...
    but if you have a 2560x1600 screen or bigger go the 7950...
    otherwise the 670..... all day long! lol
  6. Sorry for the bump then :(
  7. Definitely the GTX670. I believe it was Nelson Mandela that called it 'the goddamned Millennium Falcon of graphics cards'.
  8. x70 Cards always rule.
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  11. Hah I never spotted that! Though with all the discussion surrounding the bumps, it probably wouldn't help much at this point.

    OP, if you want to bump, at least don't say 'bump' - add a bit more useful information or something. But ideally just be patient :-)
  12. Hmmm I get:

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    I do not appreciate your discrimination, THG. But :lol: whatever :-)
  13. Really ? Hmm... i feel special now. :lol:
  14. bigcyco1 said:
    Really ? Hmm... i feel special now. :lol:

    Haha it's only large psychos that are allowed ;-) To be fair, I'd also be reluctant to say 'no' to a large psycho...

    I've also never been able to use the 'see all messages by this user' link, but I get the impression it works for other people? Damnit THG.
  15. I think you have to enable it. I forgot how if i remember i will let you know.
  16. bigcyco1 said:
    I think you have to enable it. I forgot how if i remember i will let you know.

    Appreciate it :-) We are a bit off-topic now, though I think the OP left a while ago anyway... OP, if you return, grab a GTX670 and enjoy awesome performance ;-)
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