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Hi how much faster is DESK top i7 3770 PC compared to my ASUS i7 2.2GHZ laptop. I have an AMD AMD 2.6GHZ 9950 system that i am considering upgrading. The main activity I do is video HD recoding. I could spend a bit of money buying extra ram for the laptop and upgrading to a solid state hard to give an extra boost for video encoding/recoding or spend £500 and upgrade the desktop to an i7 for a dedicated media encoding solution. The question is how much quicker would the i7 3770 desk be compared to the laptop after upgrading. If the desktop is 2 times as quick as the laptop then it might be worth it. The laptop CPU is i7 2670QM.
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  1. Your present system is a good one. A desktop with an i7 3770 will definitely outperform your laptop; expect a gain of over 50% (conservative).

    Desktops are easier to upgrade later on.
  2. Desktop CPUs and GPUs are nothing like their mobile counterparts. The mobile versions are designed to run off a battery which means they use less power and therefore don't run nearly as well as the one that would run off a power supply.
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