Need advice on GTX 285 1GB vs gt 640 2GB DDR 3

I have recently aquired a GT 640 2GB DDR 3, but have been using a GTX 285 for ages now, obviously with no DX 11 benefits but very decent speed in most games with decent settings on dx9.

i do not exceed 1680x1050 resolutions on my current display.

Should i change the card for the 640 for dx11 benefits? I suspect that although this is a 2012 card my pc's overall performance will take a hit. If not, what card do you reckon would be the best upgrade at this resolution setting? Thanks for the Help
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  1. NO! Don't forget, the GT is a low-end card, whereas the GTX is a performance card. If you want to get good fps but do not want to spend too much money, I'd suggest getting a GTX 650ti or a GTX 660.
  2. atleast an hd 7770~105$
    or if u want more performance a gtx650-ti 150$
  3. you can go for a hd 7750
  4. Yeah, 7770 and 7750 are good too. I was only thinking of the green camp for some reason...
  5. well, the green camp is not that great in low end.
    AMD has always beaten them.
    get a 7770 ad u'll be fine for 720p
    if u go to 1050p w\that will be alright too,
    but if u CAN a 650ti would be better
  6. thanks guys. 650ti seems like the high end choice you are all leaning towards, i'll have a look at pricing
  7. it costs about 150-170$
    if u live in usa
  8. Stay with the 285 man. I went out and the salesman at microcenter talked me into the gt640 and its not a terrible card but if your used to the 285 your not goin to like the results lol I also have a 285 and it def out performs the 640.
  9. no one is even telling him to go for a gt640
    that card is not for gaming.

    a 650ti or a 7770 according to his budget
  10. Those won't be a big improvement either, but at least they will give him the option to game with DX11.
  11. that 285 is alot faster than the 640, tbh, and id recommand stay with it for the moment until u can afford a better card :)
  12. save for a 660 and keep the 285 for a while i thik it's still a good one :)
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