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So my uncle was talking about it being possible to 2 graphics cards running 1 monitor, so one runs the bottem and another runs the top of the screen, is it really possible to do that and what would you need? I know you'd need a motherboard that has 2 PCI slots, what else? would you need a special kind of monitor that has two monitor cables running to each of the cards or would the cards be connected by the motherboard?

Is it possible to have more then 2 graphics cards for the one monitor? :pt1cable:
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  1. Possible. but u dont have any special cables. And 1 gpu can handle half screen and other handle half is false.both handle full screen. its for gamers to get more fps.
  2. Yeah, it's called SLI/ CrossFire, depending on the manufacturer. And yes, it is possible to have more than 2 cards for 1 monitor. Some cards like the GTX 680 support up to 4-way SLI. But it isn't really necessary.
  3. Gpu set up look like this. 1x gpu=x16; 2x gpu=x16+x16=(x32); 3x gpu=x16+x8+x8=(x32); 4x gpu=x16+x8+x4+x4=(x32). so 2xgpu=4xgpu.
    So upto 4gpus can handle 1moniter but u get (x32). x16 x8 x4 are gpu slots with different speed.if u have x16 gpu card inserted in x16slot =100% ,x8 slot=50% , x4 slot=25% utilise(get speed) in the card. if u have x8 cards insert in x8slot.
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