What will $200 get me?

Hello crew,

My computer is almost 3 years old and I would like to make small upgrade purchases over time instead of dropping $800 a year and a half down the road and upgrade everything.

I don't want to spend over $200, I was thinking of either a GTX 660 (I'm an nvidia fan boy) or a GTX 650ti and some more ram (my only worry is that after a year the 650ti will already need to be upgraded again.)

I mostly use it for gaming but we also use it for our entertainment system.

Asus P6T
i7 920 @ 2.6 (OC'd @ 3.6)
8gigs OCZ pc3-10666(windows shows 6gb)
1.6tb Western Digital black (1tb + 600gb)
BFG GTS 250 1gb (oc'd)
Corsair 750w-tx

Thanks everyone in advance for your input.
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  1. you are better off with a single large upgrade. upgrading over time just means that by the time you have a completely new system, there are outdated components.

    ill recommend a video card for you but id highly suggest upgrading all at once

    i know it isnt nvidia but it performs a crap ton better than a 660 for 20 bucks more
  2. Listen to the big fat troll.
    Go for the AMD card as soon as it comes in stock it's a LOT better than the GTX 660 in every metric but power consumption.
  3. ur current setup is fine, ur overclocked cpu is still a beast :D.


    for ati or for nvidia:


    one of those will do u fine.

    the 7870 at stock is very similar to the 660, dont spread false information.

    the 7870 might overclock a bit better, but onced both overclocked theres a small gap between them, id say get amd if u like amd if not get the nvidia card, both are great for the money
  4. its a 7870 xt (the one i suggested), its basically a crippled 7950 for the price of a 7870.
  5. thats a good choice also, these 7870xt arent widely avaible, seems odd.
  6. its just like how the 560ti 448 core was not widely avaliable
  7. TheBigTroll said:
    its a 7870 xt (the one i suggested), its basically a crippled 7950 for the price of a 7870.

    That is a good card for the price... but it is pretty much out of stock everywhere, it might be months before you can get a hold of one... If you like nvidia the GTX 660 is a great value card.

    GTX 660: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814162122
    or if you want to step up to a GTX 660 ti for a bit more.
  8. yeah the 660ti extra cores version was a beast :D

    i did find one:


    240$. not bad
  9. That is out of stock as well lol
  10. oh well.
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