7950 Crossfire Low FPS Issue

I've recently went from a single 7950 GPU to Crossfire for the first time, I thought it would be a good choice to get a smoother FPS but boy was I wrong.

I'm using dual 7950's both Sapphire (Stock 925/1250)

I7 2700K O.C to 4.5Ghz

I use to run GTA IV Maxxed W/ Graphics mod on a single GPU around 35-40FPS, Crossfire mode I get the same.

Crysis 2 I ran smooth at around 29-32 FPS on a single GPU, Crossfire mode I'm lucky if I hit 40 (No graphics mod, Ultra DX11)

Hitman Absolution I feel like I'm getting less FPS, I haven't checked what I get on a single GPU but Its lagging now and before it didn't.

I haven't tested BF3 yet, nor Farcry 3 but every game I've played with a single GPU seems to be granting me the same FPS or less on Crossfire.

I'm up to date on all drivers, and GPU-Z recognizes both GPUs in Crossfire mode.

Also, when I run 3DMarks 11 on Extreme, I can't get above 15-25FPS
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  1. Use each GPU individually and re test. Its possible that one of the GPU's is downclocking, also check that out on a program such as MSI Afterburner. How are the temps going?

    It might just be the new GPU causing issues.

    Also, what is your PSU?
  2. I'm actually on a poop 650 Watt PSU (Corsair) I intend on getting a 750Watt next week, I haven't gotten any blue screens or lock ups yet though.

    I just reisntalled windows 7 ultimate (Fresh HDD & Install)

    40 FPS Min, 70 FPS Avg, 80-100 FPS Max on Hitman Absolution Maxxed.

    50 FPS Min, 60 FPS Avg, 120 FPS Max on Farcry 3 Maxxed.

    40 FPS Min, 70 FPS Avg, 100 FPS Max on Metro 2033 Maxxed.

    Temps on both stay around 30-55C

    Do those sound about right? Should I be overclocking my crossfire?

    Going to try GTA & Crysis as those are what is giving me trouble and what I really bought Crossfire for (Since they are graphically intense)
  3. Crysis 2 does not agree with Crossfire at all, it lags like hell, while a single GPU destroys it, crossfire makes it unplayable.

    Same with GTA 4

    Any suggestions?
  4. Try downloading not new drivers, but the new profiles. I believe there was a fix for Crysis 2 CFX awhile ago. Download it and install (It should be only half a mb or something). Make sure you are using 12.11 as well.

    GTA IV is really CPU intensive. And its very unoptimised for the PC.
  5. Sadly I cannot find 12.11 drivers for Windows 8 64 bit
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