Is this temp is good?

hello guys how r u?
i have Evga gtx 560 SSC , when i play games in ultra mode , its temp goes up to 80 C , the fan speed is around 60-65
i want to ask if this temp is fine or theres something wrong , games like far cry 3 , sleeping dogs ..etc
when it reach 80 and some times 85 C i minimize the game till the temp goes down to 40 to 45 and back to play again
i'm worry about the card please any help?
i'm afraid if i dont minimize or exit the game till it goes down and continue play , it burn up , can this happen?
or the temp is high cuz its a Superclocked card?
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  1. No, 80 is ok. But try to keep it cool. Some cards can withstand 105C.
    I'd recommend not to cross 90 at all.

    Use MSI Afterburner to control your Fan Speed.
  2. ah , thanks man , i heard that all evga cards are reaching high tempreture , is that true?
  3. evga cards do have coolers that perform less than desirable. you could get evga precisionX and set the fan to 100% while gaming to drop those temps a little if you are concerned.
  4. thanks guys
    last question
    is 525watt cooler master PSU is enough for my card?
  5. thephenom1157 said:
    thanks guys
    last question
    is 525watt cooler master PSU is enough for my card?

    It depends on which PSU you got, there is different cooler master PSUs with different performance. IF you got a decent one then it's more than enough. And as I can see you have been playing for a bit, so it seems as if it's okay.
  6. yes i have that pc 2 month ago , and playing alot
    okay that was very helpfull guys , thanks very very much for every one helped me
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