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Hd 7770 for 1366*768

hey i want to know how well an hd 7770 perform on a 1366*768 resolution on all the demanding games such as metro 2033, crysis 2 etc???will i get average 40-50fps??
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  1. In that resolution. Without AA on Ultra-High. You'll get 40fps, surely more than 40.
  2. crysis 2 is not as demanding as u think.
    and if u can spend a little more a 650ti would be a better choice
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    Well I have a 7770, I have 2 monitors running it and they are both 1080p and I get about 40fps when playing on one so your should get more since it is 1366x768.
  4. you'll be fine playing 1366x768 with a 7770 and get good frame rates; the 40-50 you are looking for unless you have a very low end CPU.
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