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I recently built a HTPC that's mainly a gaming console for my living room. The system is windows 7 based and hooked in via HDMI.

I noticed that cleartype is not an option in my display settings. Is this normal? I was hoping to clean up some of the font rendering like I do on windows but it's non existent as an option from what I can tell (the clear type wizard that lets you pick the clearer font images is no where to be found).

The videocard is an Nvidia graphics card. I don't see any options for actually moving the position of the image in Nvidia's control panel. Instead it seems to be limited to just taking care of underscan/overscan but no horizontal/vertical adjustment. Anyone know if this is exposed anywhere or do I have to change this through my tv?

The audio is showing up as PCM in my receiver with a straight signal. However, I'm not noticing as rich sound in games as I do with my game consoles. Should I be seeing my receiver decode the signal to be dolby digital or something similar? I feel like it's just outputting it directly as it's coming from the PC, but I expected my receiver to take care of all the surround aspect.

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  1. Your receiver decodes the signals and then sends them to your monitor - that would probably be the reason you can't change the clear type - as the GPU doesn't see the receiver having the ability to display the video feed properly.

    Depending upon hardware used, it may be better to send the HDMI signal directly to the TV/Monitor, and use the digital audio out from your sound card to the receiver (no video sent). Some games/applications may not encode the audio into the HDMI feed correctly for the "rich sound"...

    Give it a try and see if it makes a difference.
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