Cheap but good enough GPU for a third pc.

I got 3 pc's in total.

1 with a gtx 680 i7 core
2 with gtx 560 ti duelcore 3ghz
3 with gt 220 and duelcore 3ghz
Now the third is to weak to play games like planetside shogun etc, so i need a new GPU.
Whats the best GPU to go with thats cheapest but can still run the games smooth on low to medium quality.

I was hoping to get a gtx 560 ti card so i can run sli when i only need 2 pc's, but they dont seem to sell em any more in norawy's online component stores.
So next is the 550 which is the lowest in the GTX class. Will it suffice?
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  1. Gtx 650 Ti
  2. Its cheaper than i thought it would be.
  3. I'd say don't put any GPU if possible. Because you already have GTX 680 in the other Computer. Play games in that. Why waste money here.

    But if so then get GTX 650 (Non Ti).
  4. GTX 650 TI
  5. can u tell us what do u use each of your pc's for?
  6. I wouldnt get a 550 ti there crap can you find any 460s about they still give sterling service

    but my new recommendation for budget gaming cards that will play new games is the

    MSI Radeon HD 7850 1GB cracking card for the money

    NOW $138 bucks
  7. I got a lot of friends with out computers:P
    Thats why i got several pc's ^^
  8. a gtx 650ti will suit your needs but if u can get a 7850 that will be great.
    now close this thread already
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