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Please help me with Graphic cards. I have Intel g41 desktop and 4 gb ddr2 ram. i

Hi Experts,
Please find my PC details:
OS: WIN 7 32bit
CPU: core 2 duo e7500 2.93GHz
intel g41 desktop chipset motherboard.
Display: intel G41 express chipset.

Please help me amd recommend graphic card for my configuration, Graphic card on which i can play far cry 3 kind of games smoothly.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. dude tell these info i will suggest you best card i am also from india:
    1)your budget
    2)power supply brand and watts
    3)screen resolution
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    Please find below details:
    Display- 1366x768 Wide
    PSU: 400W SMPS(CRICLE ATX case with 400W SMPS)
    budget:5000 RS
  3. ok check in power supply how many amps have under +12v ratings. you will find at your psu sticker
  4. thanks Sumukh and Ashish

    Please find below details:
    DC Output +12V -12V
    14A 0.5A

    Please recommend compatible one.
  5. Best answer
    thats very low you need you buy psu= gpu

    tell your budget with gpu+psu

    why double posts dude-
  6. Thanks for your reply. currently cant go for both to upgrade. Ya but it is necessary i first upgrade my PSU.
    Thanks for geting it clear for me.
    Anyhow can you please recommend any graphic card that can be compatible to this configuration and with current PSU, with in 4000 Rs range.

    Also please help me with required PSU, if i upgrade the current PSU.

    Sorry for posting on two thread for same question.
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  8. if you can afford then go wth corsair cx430- rs 2700

    but if you have budget limit then you can go with local psu vip.
    vip psu is best local psu in india.

    sapphire hd 6670-

    vip 400r plus psu- it has 20 amp on 12+v

    see here-

    4700+600= 5300
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