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So I'm looking into upgrading my power supply. I now have an Ultra LSP650 and while it had great reviews I bought it uneducated and have learned that it is a very risky brand, it also only has 2 6 pin PCI Express power connectors and I plan on crossfiring my 7950s in the distant future. So I'm looking for suggestions (My build is below), should I go with something like the Corsair Enthusiast Series 750? Or get something with more wattage? Modular/Non-modular doesn't really matter to me, as long as the cables are long enough to go in a full tower case as I plan on upgrading that as well. Thanks!
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  1. antec/corsair/xfx/silverstone.
    for crossfire 750w should be enough. at least 80+ bronze quality
  2. My three brands of choice are SeaSonic, PC Power and Cooling, and Corsair. I have used all of them and they are great PSU's. AMD recommends a 700W PSU for crossfired 7950's, with a minimum of 46 Amps total on the 12V rails. I think a 750 W will serve you well, and last you for future upgrades that may need a bit more power. Here are a few I recommend.



  3. Thanks alot for the advice. Yeah I thought about an 850 to be safe for future upgrading, but processors and graphics cards are always getting more power efficient so I figure I should be good with a 750. :-)
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