Dlink DIR 655 with Motorola Surfboard issue.

Anyone have any ideas on this one?

I had a D Link DIR 655 which I wirelessly connected to my desktop. The router is downstairs and the desktop is upstairs. There's never been any issues.

I had Road Runner Lightning installed today and Im averaging an awesome 38 mbps / 5 mbps speed. The provided cable modem is a Motorola Surfboard which includes a built in wireless router. Ive had problems with getting disconnected (about once an hour). I reconnect without issues.

Moving the cable modem upstairs isn't a good option as it would mess up my Slingbox. I figured I could hardwire my DLink DIR 655 router by plugging it into the Motorola Surfboard via ethernet cord. I could then connect to the DLink and via cable to the Motorola Surfboard.

I have a laptop that I can hardwire (connect via ethernet cord) into the DLink DIR 655 and get an internet connection. Laptio -> Dlink Router -> Cable Modem -> Internet.

When I wirelessly connect to the Dlink from upstairs I can NOT connect to the Internet. Ive tried the following:

Powering off/on the modem
Powering off/on the router
Factory reset of the router
Reseting network adapter (the wireless receiver card on my desktop upstairs)
Rebooting computer
Reconnecting to all the above networks
Called technical support and yelled at Habib

I've tried just on dumb luck plugging the cable modem into both the LAN (numbered 1-4) slots, and the "Internet" plug on the back of the Dlink router.

I can wirelessly connect to the Motorola Surfboard and get an internet connection.

I'm connecting to the router so Im not understanding why I can't get the internet connetion. Could it be because the cable modem doubles as a wireless router?

I'm not super tech savy but I know just enough to screw things up.

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  1. First, to be clear, I hate you because you have too much bandwidth. So, now that have that clear, let's get to the issues.

    The first question is which model cable modem, the SBG6580 or SBG901?

    It sounds like you have two routers that both have active DHCP functions so they would conflict in trying to assign ip addresses and the surfboard would always win as it has the Internet connection.

    Only one router can provide internal ip addresses (be the DHCP service) and needs to be correctly connected to the other to share the outside connection.

    Which do you want to be the wireless access point and which the DHCP (internal address server) server?

    As a first guess I would allow the Surfboard to remain the DHCP server and have the DLink provide the wireless access.

    This is how to attach the DLink so that it will provide a wireless Internet connection, although I don't have a totally clear picture of your connections. Since the DLink is in close proximity to the Surfboard, attach one of the LAN ports of the DLink to a Surfboard LAN port, turn off the Surfboard wireless router, leave the Surfboard as the DHCP server, in the Surfboard assign the DLink a static address in the network range but outside of the Surfboard's assignable DHCP range. That will in essence make the DLink a wireless AP for the Surfboard. Then all devices within the range of the DLink will have the gateway address of the Surfboard and will get assigned addresses from it but make their connection through the DLink.

    The other option is to let the DLink also do all of the DHCP assignments and only have the Surfboard act as the cable modem and nothing else.
  2. Sorry to dig up this old thread and I really appreciate your advice on this. I want to connect the DLINK DIR-655 to Surfboard SBG6580 as well but I would like to keep enabling the 5.0GHZ wireless that built in from SBG6580 as the primary network, and add 2.4GHZ from DLINK as the secondary network running in the same house. I read posts about using DLINK as the AP to just extend the coverage but not having both wireless network running side by side. If this is do-able can you share the trick?
  3. I know this doesn't really answer the question but since the original post I purchased a set of Netgear Powerline adapters and a Securi Fi Almond Wifi Range Extender.

    Both work great. I connect the Almond to my Motorola Surfboard via the Powerline adapter and it works great. I have phenomenal wifi throughout and even outside my house.

    I personally use 2 wifi networks but I think there's a way to use two SSID's seamlessly with the Almond.
  4. Thanks for your input. The reason I would like to enable both 5.0 and 2.4 running because I have some wireless devices only work on 2.4. I did the speed test of 5.0 on SBG it was stunning fast so I really want to have it available too.
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