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7770 or 7850. Worth the extra bucks?

I was just wondering if the 7850 is worth the extra bucks over the 7770? Considering I only play at 1366 x 728 on a 16' monitor :P
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  1. I would say no, but it also depends on what the price difference is.

    A Radeon HD 7850 would mean you really don't need to upgrade the graphics card for a long time playing @ 1366x768 resolution. It also opens the possibility of buying a higher resolution monitor, but w/o the need to buy a more powerful graphic card... at least for a little while depending on your performance expectations.
  2. are u looking to upgrade the monitor in the future?
    wat r the rest of your specs?
  3. eh if you can afford it, its worth the extra bucks, but depends on if you want max details or just no aa- or with all the settings.
  4. On that Resolution you really don't need a 7850. Get the 7850 only if you will be upgrading your monitor soon otherwise there's no point as a 7770 will max out all current and upcoming games at that resolution easily.
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    yeah he cant max out games with a 7770 hell have to dim down details and take off aa and some other options, i got a 7870 and have to make graphics go down in certain game with aa to keep it smooth.
  6. Yea I would say so depending on the price difference
  7. Yes, I do plan on upgrading to a 24' monitor this coming January..

    Looks like the 7850 is the way to go, right?

    Here are my PC Specs by the way:
    Intel Core i3-2100
    ASUS P8Z77V-LK
    G.Skill Ripjaws X (4x2 GB)
    Deep Cool Ice Blade Pro
    FSP Epsilon 600w 80+
    Cooler Master K380 PC Chassis
  8. yes quite so for the money if u can afford the 7850 will chew the 7700 up
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  10. thanks, have a nice day :)
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