Guys which one? A NVIDIA GTX 675M or GTX 670M or GTX 670MX

I'm choosing between three laptops. All of them have an i7-3630QM @ 2.4 ghz with Turbo Boost @ 3.4 ghz but have the different graphics cards noted in my question. The 675M has 2 gb of video ram but the other two have 3 gb. I'm niot looking for anything superior. I just want to be able to play today's games at full speed like the rate of a PS3 Xbox 360 or Wii game would play.
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  1. from what says, these gpus are pretty much the same.
  2. Gtx 675 is best. Laptops don't use 3gb of from unless ur gonna play sky rim with texture packs. But by the time all games use 3gb it will be time to upgrade your laptop
  3. I have had a 675m since last june. So far it runs everything very well (Far Cry 3 on a mix of medium, high and ultra at 45+ fps, BF3 on high at 50+ fps) on my M17xR4.
  4. i have a GTX 670MX and it can run anything on max. Apart from Sims 3. Don't be surprised if that game doesn't play well on a top rig laptop.
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