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i have a unbranded 450watts power supply whose specs are

D.C Output
Voltage: +5V; Current: 40A
Voltage: +12V; Current: 20A
Voltage: +3.3V; Current: 28A
Voltage: -5V; Current: 0.5A
Voltage: -12V; Current: 0.5A
Voltage: +5V SB; Current: 2A
is this enough to power a ati hd 7750?
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  1. It's a crappy psu, but for a 7750 it will do, the 7750 doesn't require pcie 6 pin power from the psu, only from the pcie slot of the mobo(75w).
    Maximum load of the card is about ~50w.
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    should be fine, but in the future id upgrade that ps, since a noname brand crappy psu will kill a system in the future or at best run it unstable.

    for 60$ its worth investing in a ps of quality such as :

    ;) stability and peace of mind def worth it
  3. ya i have to upgrade my psu in future, this one powers my nvidia gt 430 at present.
  4. yeah well if you can afford it id upgrade it as soon as possible, you can never trust those nobrand ps units.
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