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I need help configuring a workstation for VFX running mostly Adobe CS6 and Autodesk 2013 suites. This is strictly a work machine. I am trying to squeeze as much time into research and reading reviews, but I am under deadlines to get things done so I throw myself at the mercy of the community and their wisdom. Budget is up to 10k if the components are justifiable. Would really appreciate a full config (case, power...etc) but any help on the core system would be very helpful. Many thanks!
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    The biggest baddest socket 2011 Intel cpu with 6 cores and 12 threads
    X79 motherboard
    32 of RAM [ 4 x8]
    2 x the most powerful nVidia Quadro , or AMD firepro graphics cars
    750 watt power supply
    quiet case like the antec P280
    large quiet Noctua air cooler
    OCZ revodrive3 for boot and programs
    as many hard drives as need configured in RAID 5 for speed and redundancy
  2. Thanks for the reply outlander, I'll look into these.
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