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Hello I'm new here, I'd like some help to buy a PC for gaming, but I'd like something high-end and very strong built, I don't have the ability to build it myself. if anyone of you guys can help me? Please let me know to take a look of some brands. Thanks :)
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  1. Few questions first

    - What is your budget? even a rough estimate

    - Do you need a monitor? If so, how many and what size etc.

    - What country are you in and do you have any preferred sites?
  2. Do you mean you're physically unable or that you don't feel qualified to build one? Lots of folks here will push you to DIY. It does save some money and is pretty interesting.

    At any rate, Casper's questions will get you started no matter which route you go.
  3. We definitely need to know the budget for parts, labor and what city you live in perhaps we can point you to a good Computer Shop or local tech that you can contact to build this for you. Assembling the computer is easy it's loading the O/S and updating it and loading all the drivers that takes time.
  4. Thank you very much for your prompt reply wow! I'm impressed, well ... my budget is maybe a little more of $ 5000, my problem is not physical, is the LACK of time, Which is why I want to buy a custom computer, I live in Venezuela but I have family in Miami and they Could Bring the system to Venezuela, I Know that In These forums the most of friends build Their Own machines, but I want to go a little further, I would like something like outstanding machine inside, but maybe not like murderbox, i just want something like that, Because this system will show to a lot of people, I would like Individually sleeved cables but nicely detailed, customized liquid cooling, for the hardware maybe: ASUS Sabertooth X79 MOBO, I7-3820 or higher Processor, 16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM , SSD Intel 330 or Vertex 4, 2TB HDD, Blu-Ray Player, 2 x GTX 680 2GB Video Card, 1000W Power supply. But the MOST important is the look inside of the chassis, i want a professional built, i dont know if you know what I want?.

    I'm searching on internet for several alternatives, I know for some of you it may seem that I am very picky but its what I want. Perhaps to make it short I'll leave the brands, the websites and next why I hesitate.

    Alienware: (Very nice on the outside but did not offer details inside)
    CyberpowerPC: (Very cheap GOOD!, but I dont like the look inside of the systems, I find very common)
    IBUYPOWER: (the same thing of CyberpowerPC)
    Falcon Northwest: (Very nice cases but are totally enclosed and and not work for me)
    Digitalstorm: (I found very good systems, but I hate the way they fit the fittings for the cooling system, they put clamps and gives bad look, also i dont see the option for details inside the chassis, just lights, and tubing color and engraving outside)
    GeekBox: (I love the images i think they make very good systems, but at the time of place the order I don't see the option to change the inside aspect or colors, sleeves for cables, I think that i'll need to call them but i dont want to call anyone, i just want place the order and done)
    e3io: (I love the images, the systems and they have what I want, i can change the sleeves, tubing and lights, I actually want white appearance, but I dont see any reviews of these systems anywhere, any of you guys know them? I found them on google)

  5. Have you looked at Origin PC?

    They are VERY customizable. Even to the extent that you can contact them with details of a part you want and they will get it... even if it's not a choice on their website.

    They do custom water cooling, you can choose colours of the tubes, fans, leds etc. You can even get a custom paint job on the case if you wanted or get an image etched into the metal!

    I think this looks amazing!
  6. Thanks for your reply Casper, in fact I had already seen the brand origin but i discard it because they don't have the case that I want, in fact is the Silverstone TJ11, apologizes for not say it before, so I'm between e3io and GeekBox because they offer this case as default and I really like they mods and everything. I actually like much more the e3io mod because it has two reservoirs and that looks great. I know the most of brands you can call them and you can personalize your system, in fact I was in contact via chat with some of them. So... I let the link of this systems here to see what do you think? Thanks again for your help. :)
  7. e3io MAX 230 V2

    Geekbox Ego Maniacal

    Both seem very well built, and for you guys?, I would listen to you and follow your advices, Thanks...
  8. At that price you are always going to get good build quality.

    The distinguishing features are going to be performance, aesthetics and price. The price is very high for both in my opinion but that's what you pay for a fully customised machine. You are paying extra for the service and peace of mind from not having to do it yourself.

    From the sounds of things you are most interested the aesthetics which I can't really help with. If you need help on choosing the parts (cpu, gpu, motherboard etc) then I can help :)
  9. I believe PCs should be built and hidden under a desk so can't help there either :)
  10. Thanks guys, well there are many aspects about Custom Computers, for me in the particular, I like the mod for computers actually i'll like to display them not hide under the desk, but I respect the opinions of others, but i need this machine for a show, which already decided and I already bought my system from e3io, even i didn't found a reviews on external sites about e3io, I think they will build a good gaming pc, with all the details that I want, I contact e3io by email and they will make all my requirements anyway thanks for your help, sorry if I got a little tedious, but there are also people like me. I will participate in other topics because I liked the experience of meeting people and know your expert opinions, and I hope to share mine with others. Greetings to all. :)
  11. Awesome! Let us know what you think once you get all set up.
  12. Of Course... Thanks J_E_D_70 :)
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