Visual Artifacts with new gpu?

Hello all,

I purchased a new graphics card recently ( Geforce 680 ), and installed it yesterday. The card appeared to be working well, however I noticed I have these strange vertical lines in bands going down my screen. They are visible even on the desktop, in games and in movies. They are only noticeable when something is moving however, especially when moving vertically.I have created an image to illustrate what it looks like. In reality the lines appear to move downwards and are slightly less obvious.

I've ruled out:

Dvi cables, ( the same happens on HDMI)
Monitor ( I have dual screen and this happens on both monitors in any configuration).
Card is seated properly.
Cables are in securely.
I have 750 watt PSU which meets requirement.
Card temp is normal.

Could anyone suggest what I should try next? If not it may be a faulty card. This problem did not exist with my previous GPU, which was a 580.


Using Windows 7 (x64)
Card is a EVGA signature 2 680 ( Maybe they overclocked it too much and I got a bad one lol?)
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  1. Try updating the drivers before returning it.
  2. popatim said:
    Try updating the drivers before returning it.

    They were up to date, but I tried uninstalling and then driver sweeper, then re-installing. Still no luck. Thanks anyway popatim. I've also tried playing with v-sync and scaling etc, but no luck there either.

    If anyone can suggest anything else that would be great.
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