GPU fan not kicking on right away

AMD 6870 Card made by Sapphire. Card works fine other than it takes about 15 min for the fan to spin up. I have updated the driver and I have SpeedFan for temp monitoring/fan control. The computer is fairly clean because I cleaned it when I installed a new CPU Heatsink a few weeks ago. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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  1. So what does SpeedFan say about the temp then? The fan is temp controlled and should kick in, when it's required.
  2. SpeedFan reports the temp at over 100C before the computer shuts down to protect itself.
  3. Faulty Fan Contorller on the card?


  4. Looking at it more closely, the fan tries to kick on, jerky movement when tapping on it and the comp is on. Faulty fan? and is it even possible to replace the fan on a graphics card? Ideas?
    Here is a link to my card:
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