Run PC without case fan?

Well, my build's case fan is intolerably loud. I am going to buy a new one tomorrow, but the rig needs to run all night to finish a download - would it be acceptable to run the rig only for that time without the case fan?
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  1. I would advise taking off the side panel and running it like that, although as long as it's just the case fan and not the CPU cooler fan you'll be fine. The CPU might just heat up a bit more.
  2. Taking off the side panels will assist in keeping it cool, if temps start rising up, put a small fan (box fan?) near the pc, it will help. I have done it a few times in a pinch. Not recommended for long dust will become a problem.
  3. Just take off the side panels, and take off the fans. Why do you need it to download overnight? Is it some top secret G45 government file that if you do not receive you will be assassinated? An open test bench runs with no fans by the way... but it's not concealed within a case. Just expect slightly hotter/cooler temps.
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    Ahaha no - Star Wars: The Old Republic has been downloading on my pathetic 300kbps connection since this morning, and still isn't done. :(
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