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Hey guys, so I just purchased a radeon 7950 card at my local compusa. It's the MSI twin frozr III OC edition. It was a tie between this card and the GTX 670 (galaxy, reference card) but I decided on the 7950 because it supposedly came with 3 games, far cry 3 being one of them. Upon getting home I found no download codes in the box, nor did I find the "unique ID" required to put in on the amd4u site. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if so how did you get it resolved.

Also, the galaxy GTX 670 supposedly comes with Assassins creed 3 and borderlands 2. Would the GTX 670 be the better card to get anyways? They both cost the same. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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  1. The 670 is far better than the 7950, even the 660ti is better than the 7950.
    If it's the galaxy with 4GB and dual fan cooling system, i'd trade the 7950 for that one, as you stated it also comes with 2 games.
  2. djangoringo said:
    The 670 is far better than the 7950, even the 660ti is better than the 7950.
    If it's the galaxy with 4GB and 1GHZ clock, i'd trade the 7950 for that one, as you stated it also comes with 2 games.

    It's the 2gb galaxy, here's the link

    I'm just trying to figure out what I should do here. The AMD card didn't have anything about the never settle bundle in the box, and if it's going to be a pain in the ass to get everything from them I'll just exchange it for that 670, if it really is worth it.
  3. well you gotta ask the person you bought it from, if you bought it from compusa, u should ask a code, because i bought a 7870 and dint get a code and had to call and ask them for the code myself.
  4. Honestly, I don't think asking anyone at the store is going to do me much good. If you've ever shopped at a CompUSA, you'll know what I mean. I asked a salesperson in the store if it came with the games and he was unsure, but after making me wait several minutes he determined it SHOULD have the games.
  5. If it didn't say it came with the games on the package or in the contents, the only way you could get it is through their customer support. Newer versions of the card should come prepackaged with the info you need. It is also possible you could get the bundle through registration with the brand of the card (MSI if I recall from your post).
  6. I'm attempting to get the key from compusa now. The never settle offer terms say I have to acquire it from the retailer.
    Other than that, which is the better card? If the 670 I listed ( ) is better I'll just return the 7950. Thanks!
  7. I'd say the 670 is better overall. The 7950 does have great OC potential, but the 670 delivers frames more consistently, which results in smoother game play. Though most people wouldn't notice the difference in most cases, unless you also wanted GPU accelerated physx, FXAA for any game or adaptive v-sync, which are Nvidia things.
  8. thats why i said you gotta contact the retailer u bought it from, also if it dint have the key return the videocard and get one that comes with the game :)
  9. Never settle comes with asingle card, with a code on the card that allows you to sign up on AMD site.They then E-mail the codes for two steam downloads ( Hitman Absolution and Sleeping dogs) and a third code for Uplay store for FarCry 3. This does not come in the box, but separate from the re-tailer.

    Take the card back with proof of the offer |(AMD Website printout) and DEMAND the voucher with the code for your free games!

    If not, get a full refund there and then!

    7950<Gtx670 untill you use 30" Monitor 25x16 with 8X AA, then you will be glad of the 7950 3GB GDDR, other than that, 670 is better!
  10. actually it comes with single and crossfire cards, the code is emailed to u from the retailer u bought it from, and than on to register for a free farcry3 and other games depending on what gpu u purchased.
  11. Right there with ya brother. I shop at Comp USA every so often and hell I find my self helping customers more often than the people that work there... When I get to the register they ask me who helped me today, I either tellthem no one or whoever that dude was who opened the cage to the CPU or etc. SO I would take the card back and get the Galaxy. You do get Borderlands 2 and Assasins Creed 3. Both are NVIDIA games and Borderlands 2 is a great game that uses PhysX and awesome special effects
  12. i bought evga gtx 660 ftw sig2 3gb and there was no game bundled with it. i had to register with evga eu and upload my invoice. then they emailed me promotion code for ac3 and i had to register for uplay shop and then found out that i had to backup the instalation files myself cause you get only one download free, unless you pay 6eur for being able to download the game for 2 years instead of 30 days ... stupid ubisoft
    well somehow i also got ac2 for free

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