New Build Randomly Freezes (First Time Builder)

Hi everyone,

Over the holidays I built up my first PC and over the past few weeks my computer will randomly freeze about 1-3 times a week. When it does freeze I can hear a long beep coming from the motherboard, also the audio coming from the speakers makes weird noises, similar to a buzzer. At first I thought it was a problem with the timings on the ram. I've taken the dram timings off auto. However, the problem still persists. I've also noticed that the ram is rated at 1600 mhz but the motherboard only supports up to 1333 mhz. Would this be the problem? This is my first build so I'm not really sure what to do. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Here are the specs of my build

OS:Windows 7 64 bit home premium
MB: Msi 760gm-p23fx
CPU: AMD Fx-4100
RAM: x2 Kingston Hyper X Red 4 GB
PSU:Rosewill 630 Watt Green Series
Hard Drives:Crucial M4 128 gb ssd (for OS and a few programs)
WD Blue 1 TB hdd (used for games, programs, files)

If there is any other information needed please let me know. Thank you in advance :)
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  1. What are you doing when the freezes occur?
  2. From what I can recall it happens when I'm just browsing the web and listening to music. I use Chromium as my browser and Zune as my music player.
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