Windows Protection Error

My window protection error comes up when Shutdown my machine. It comes up with the message Windows Protection Error. Hit any key to restart your computer. This message only came up after I recently added a Sandisk USB compactflash reader Model SDDR-31-01. I checked the Microsoft trouble shooting site and ran a scandisk. I did not find anythind wrong. Why is this message coming up?


Win98 SE
800 MHZ
40.0 GB HD Maxtor 7200 RPM
40.0 GB HD WD 7200 RPM
Samsung DVD-ROM SD-612
TDK CDRW16x10x40x
Microsft Sidewinder Precision 2 Game Controller
Kenginston VGA Webcam
HP Deskjet 970cse
Visioneer 4400 Scanner

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