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Hello i will be buying the soon nad im using a 262 neon tv as my main monitor and i want to add another two monitors as i play lots of simulation and racing games so it will be perfect for example i play euro truck simualtor 2 so i want to get this effect and my question is what two monitors should i use and what sizes ? and im just going to say now i will not be changin my my main tv unless the 3 monitors will cost about £150 and will be 20".

So For example i will be using my 25" tv and on the right and left i would like to have a monitor of 19-25" just to join with my Neon 26" tv and i dont want the other monitor to have a big black gap on the sides just a little bit or none if possible and for the two monitors i would be willing to pay about £120? or maybe if there is a company that does it to someones specifications please give me the link :na:

So if possible for a cheap price i would want a 3 same size monitors i will be willing to pay about £170

if not possible i will use my 26" tv and on the sides put 2 other monitors but not the same size just abit smalled but if they wil be smaller they will not make the same effect am i right? could not find a better picture but you can see that the side monitors are smaller :D so for two monitors i would be able to pay 100-140? or maybe less if possible but cheapest would be great :D
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  1. And just to say i have an old 19" whole black on sides monitor and looks like this so should i buy another one and it looks like this but i think if i play ets2 on this it will be terrible because my main screen would be 26" and this would be 19" on both sides and the mirrors would be terrible to see? but imnot the expert so i dont know
  2. hey i read about the triple monitor eyefinity setupd etc so will this monitor be good to buy x2 or x3 ?

    it has ips and all it need for triple screen
  3. Any 1?
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