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Movies are showing with lower quality on new monitor

I just upgraded from a 17" Dell LCD that came with this computer to a 24" Dell G2410.

Everything is looking great so far except for the fact that movies are playing at a lower quality. Only the monitor was changed - nothing else.

Not sure what's up with this. I have an ATI Radeon HD 4200 IGP so I know my graphics card is lacking but I don't understand this drop in quality.

I had the driver installed for the 17" Dell LCD but there seems to be no driver available for the G2410. Is that my problem?
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  1. All monitor drivers really do is tell the computer what to set the resolution at, make sure it's set right that might be causing distortion, or your GPU may be the problem.
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    It has to do with the fact that you are using a higher resolution monitor. I will simply assume you are watching a DVD movie which is 720p. When you stretch a lower resolution video to fill a higher resolution something called video interpolation takes place which basically approximates where pixels should be placed so that the movie fills up the entire screen. This can cause this to look a bit fuzzy and it is normal.

    This is similar to increasing the size of a picture. Doing so always makes the larger picture look "not as nice" as the original.
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