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Please forgive me if this is the wrong forum to post this and if that's the case could someone point me in the right direction. Anyways, as my title goes I am having internet lag issues with my Probook. My internet connection is DSL (5Mbps down/600Kbps up, Modem: D-Link 2540B, Wireless Router: D-Link DIR628) The internet lag issue becomes more apparent when I am listening to music on iTunes via my bluetooth headphones and am on Facebook or even Youtube. Seems to take longer to load pages.

The specs for my Probook 4530s are as follows:
Model: XU018UT#ABA
Intel i5-2410M
500GB HD
Windows 7 Professional
ESET Smart Security 5

I must add that this is my first HP system that I have ever owned (as well as my first Windows 7 system) so I am just learning about things such as HP Support Assistant among other features. My prior laptop (which I still have and use btw) is a Dell Inspiron 6400(running Vista Home Premium). I do not notice any of the internet lag issues with my Dell

I do have one question about my HP system though. First time I started the HP Support Assistant under the 'Maintain" section, it downloaded a bunch of updates, some which were driver updates. Are you able to update your drivers this way? I think I do have all the latest drivers installed. Just not sure what can be causing my internet lag issue

Things I have tried to remedy this issue with my HP laptop, but are unsuccessful are:
- Disabled autotuning via netsh command
- Remove IPv6 from network properties
- Clear DNS Cache

Those possible solutions do seem to help for a little bit but not for long. Is this internet lag issue a Windows or HP problem?

I really do like my HP Probook more so than my Dell with the exception of this issue. Any help anyone can give to me to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. Also if more information about my system is needed, I will be more than happy to give that out.
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  1. FWIW, On a few occasions, I also ran the malwarebytes software to check for spyware/malware/etc., but my system came out with clean results everytime and my system is up to date according to "Windows Update" and "ESET Smart Security 5"
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