Much needed new build feedback/recommendations

I'm completely replacing my computer, which I've had since 2009 it still works like a champ but at this day and age it's... limited - especially for gaming.

Core2duo 2.8ghz e7400
9800 GT 512
ASUS P5KPL-CM Motherboard
Samsung LCD screen - 1600x900 max resolution with DVI.
Thermaltake WingRS case
Incredibly s&*t speakers from an old computer pre this one.

Anyway, I've finished being a poor student and cash flow is now comfortable so I'm eager to move on. I'm looking at something that will give me solid 1080p gaming on a single monitor setup, coding(eclipse Android, netbeans) Office, Photoshop etc just programs running well in general. So far I'm looking at this...

Antec One Case with 2 x 120mm fans and 1 x top 140mm fan (with fan control)
650watt Aywun Mega Power Elite 80+ PSU
Asus P8Z77-M Motherboard
Intel Core I5 3470 CPU
Galaxy Geforce GTX660 2gb *
8gb ADATA XPG Gaming Series DDR3 1600mhz Ram
A cheapo 24 x SATA Samsung DVD Writer
120gb ADATA S511 SATA 3 SSD Drive
1tb Western Digital SATA3 Hard Drive
24” AOC LED Full HD Monitor, 2ms response, HDMI/DVI/VGA Input, 1920 x 1080res, 20 000 000:1 Contrast
Genius Speakers with subwoofer

Price comes to $1685 (I'm based in New Zealand)

That video card was just something I threw in there, it's not final, I don't mind either Nvidia or AMD. I can increase the budget up to 2.5k on this build and I don't upgrade every year so this will have to keep me good for a few years(2 min, 3 max)

Sorry for the long post, anyway thoughts? recommendations?
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  1. What I can suggest is you can drop that z77 board and get a h77. an asrock h77m will do, or depends if you want an asus one, doesn't matter much. You can then upgrade that gpu to either 7950/670, the best bang for buck cards. Both will do great with your build, But I think 7950 is cheaper but comes head to head with 670 especially once oced. But nvidia will be better with editing and stuffs so it will be your call. Both will be great anyway.
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