Sapphire 7950 Temperature question

Okay so recently I just checked my temps and I'm hitting 65-70. What bothers me is that the range used to be somewhere between 45-55 something.

Should I be worried?
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  1. no. 65-70 is normal for load temperature. i believe those 45-55 are temps with games that are not really demanding on graphic.
  2. What I find puzzling is that even when I'm not under load temps are that high. When I look at stuff using catalyst or Trixx it tells me activity is at 80% something for catalyst but on Trixx its 2-8% O.o

    Huge discrepancy bothers me. This is while I'm just surfing the net while playing an HD vid. Still normal? Sorry just a bit paranoid, spent a lot on my rig.
  3. it could be driver related. did you make any changes to the driver prior to this problem or not?
  4. Update: I noticed that this problem only occurs during the afternoon when its hot. I just checked and saw that temperatures shot to around as high as 70 even while its not really doing anything. I decided to just increase fan speed during the afternoons to keep temperatures stable at around 65. During night I get my regular temp. levels of around 50. But yeah never encountered this before I updated my driver. Either that or I just haven't been paying attention which makes pinning down the real issue difficult.
  5. have you trried using older driver to confirm?
  6. Sry noob question, how do I do that exactly? I'm not entirely sure how I can install and uninstall a driver. Also am I required to use AMD's drivers or can I just use TRIXX for example?
  7. you can do it via control panel.
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