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New Build!! Input Would be appreciated!

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January 31, 2013 12:16:58 AM

Any put would be greatly appreciated it with why you believe i would benefit from this! I do alot of gaming and video editing

[MOBO] [...] 6813131851 [...] 6813138341

I cld use the ram of course but is it worth it? I already have 8gb of 1600, Also if any other motherboards that are good that you know of price range 130- Id like atleast 7.1 surround or possibly 8.

also which is onn of the best models of on board audio . are they all about the same for quality and mic input ?

Wld these have no problem running a 3.0 express card?

Already own a GTx 460 - Possible GTX card to sli with that would be better and cheaper possibly ? Or i would be interested in a Dif Radeon . Details Less than 200$

would i benefit a GREAT amount with this upgrade ?
IS His a good manufacture?
Know of one that has better colling with same clock speeds? around same price ? Maybe Copper? is Copper pipping better?

Good Solid CPU for price? Any other suggestions around same price no more than 25$ more


Which wld be best? Ill soon be cross fire.

What is the difference here ?
1 x 6Pin PCI-E Connector
1 x 6+2Pin PCI-E Connector


More about : build input appreciated

January 31, 2013 1:05:32 AM

I would like to see if the 99$ GBYTE mobo the $179 SAPH Vid would work i can get the rest. The video card is my first thing i buy to see the increase on what I have at my house now . Thanks gus!!
January 31, 2013 1:23:51 AM

Mobo------- The asus one is the best choice or you could go gigabyte is also a good one and cheaper. The onboard audio, I think they got the same quality unless you buy a high end mobo. No problem with pci-e 3.0 there´s retrocompatibity for both sides.

If you receive the free ram just put it in there if not then stay with what you got, is more than enough.

Gpu------ For less than 200$ the hd 7850 is the best, maybe the 2 gb version would be better for you, the His is a solid card not just for the better cooler but for a better gpu card overall (hd 7870) go for it if you can.

Cpu----- I´d rather go piledriver than zambezi here, the fx 8320 is better overall and you can get a good Oc from it.

Psu------ Corsair is a solid brand but seasonic is far better. This one is going to be one of the best investments in your build.

About the pci-e connector the 6+2 it´s just more power for the card so the card consumes more.

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January 31, 2013 1:41:14 PM

jlmassey05 said:
Is it worth the upgrade just for this

instead of

Curious about the 2gb gain but would loose a little in my core clock , which would make a bigger difference ? am i just paying for the marketing of it saying 2gb ?

That depends, 2gb will be necessary in 1080p+ resolutions, a lot of antialiasing, eyefinity setups and a couple of games like bf 3 or crysis 2 that like a lot of vram.
February 1, 2013 4:51:41 PM

after reviewing and looking ... I doubt ill be doing any cross fire / sli So this mother board

Went with a x2 pci-e power supply because why not save when i wont be getting 2 vid. cards neways.

and after my research for my buck this card seems good. for a few years ya?

pretty good syncing with the parts ? i have a amd phenom II cpu im going to keep to save money to get a FX or something, 8gb g.skill that will do me till than.

Why would seasonic, maybe a lil info on why it would be a better choice for me? I would appreciate thanks!
February 2, 2013 4:09:58 PM

Well I have the $ in the bank im ready to order right at 400$ limit I believe ive done my research better than normal, staying in touch with the communities help! I appreciate all the help you guys gave and more if you have it! :)