System finally died, trying to salvage what I can

Hi all, just looking for some advice on what I might be able to salvage from my current build that just died. Still not entirely sure what's wrong with it, but I've been having trouble with the motherboard for a while now (problems with the lan adapter, reboots, bios not supporting new components). Either way, it powers on, but doesn't post... and the board is pretty old (6-7 years?) so it's probably time to upgrade.

Unfortunately, because it's an older board, I'm assuming I will probably need to upgrade to a new CPU and get new RAM too? Here's my current setup:

- Asus M2N SLI Deluxe motherboard
- AMD Phenom II X4 925 AM3 CPU
- 4 sticks of 2gig DDR2 800 RAM
- 2x 9800GT's in SLI
- 4 HDs running in a raid 0+1
- Auzentech X-Plosion sound card
- DVD drive, CD drive
- 64gig SSD for windows (I know, I know... it was on sale)
- Hiper 580W PSU
- Big ass modded thermaltake armor case

Now, if I had all the moneys in the world, I'd just scrap the whole thing and start over... but I do not. If there's anything I can keep from this build, I'd like to. I assuming I'll be able to keep basically everything except the mobo, cpu, ram and PSU (it was pretty underpowered for that rig anyway).

Any advice on what keep/ new components would be greatly appreciated. My budget is flexible-ish... I'd like to keep it manageable, but if I have to spend the money, I wouldn't mind spending a little more and building a nice comp. I'm thinking 500$ as a starting point... realistic?

On a side note... will a new mobo be able to read that RAID array, or is it lost?

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  1. What is your budget? As said, you could keep most of it and get a new MB, RAM, Video card and be good for a while.
  2. I'm going with around 500$ ish right now... but that's flexible. I'd love to get a new setup that would be upgradable in the future. I'm assuming I'll have to get a new CPU too, the AM3 socket must be on it's way out, no?

    Grr, I wish the thing would just work. Turns on, but it's not posting... tried resetting the bios, adjusting the RAM, reseating the video cards... nothing.
  3. Am3 is compatible with the newer Am3+ you would just have to go up to DDR3 ram which is pretty cheap right now.
  4. If it was me

    Intel i5 quadcore
    H77 chipset motherboard .... so you can use your SSD as a cache drive
    2 x4 gig of DDR3 RAM
    And the the most powerful graphics card you can afford
  5. SSD as cache eh? Didn't know you could do that... what's the benefit? Speed?

    And yes, that's probably what I'm looking at, except for the graphics card. I'd LOVE to upgrade my GPU situation, but I'd rather focus on the mobo/cpu/ram first.

    Also, should I bother with a new PSU, or is it OK? I was just worried it was a little underpowered for the amount of drives I have.
  6. Also, is AM3+ around for a while, or is it going out soon? I wouldn't mind getting a new mobo / RAM and keeping my CPU for a little while... but again, if it's just going to be totally oudated soon, no point. I'm not trying to do bleeding edge, but something I can upgrade
  7. Some intel chipsets let you use a small SSD as a cache . Its set up in BIOS and it will have almost all the speed of an SSD but not the size limitations

    Intel call this smart response

    If your psu has been working OK then keep using it IMO . The new mb/cpu/RAM will use less power than the Phenom

    AM3+ will last longer than any current intel platform.
  8. If you want the data on your hdds you'll need to find a board that has an Nvidia chipset. Harder then you might think these days. Newegg only has one.

    You might need to look for a used board somewhere. If you don't care about the data then any board will do.
  9. So keep the PSU, but you're still thinking move over to an Intel setup?

    The only reason I was asking about AM3 was for upgrading later...
  10. Not gonna bother buying a mobo just so I can get the data off there... I have *most* of it backed up to an external too.
  11. If you do end up selling everything, PM me - I'd be interested in buying those cards, if they're actually 9800gt's.
  12. Haha, I'm really trying to SAVE as much as I can, not just scrap everything...
  13. As of right now I'm currently thinking I'll just pick up a new AM3+ motherboard and some new RAM... everything else should work with that, correct?

    Any suggestions for a good AM3+ motherboard?

    Thanks again for all the help
  14. I don't suggest that board. I wasn't sure if the OP had the data backed up so if s/he didn't OP would need a board with an Nvidia chipset for any hope of getting data off the RAID. It's not an issue so I would get a better board.

    Issue you have now is needing for find a board that supports SLI unless you want to sell those two 9800GTs and get a single card with the money.
  15. Again, not too worried about getting that data back... I have most of it backed up to an external as well.

    Finding an SLI AM3+ board should be problem. Still going back and forth about whether I want to go with AM3+ or get a whole new Intel setup.
  16. Here is a build for you assuming your hard drives are still good. Yes is is over $500. It is about $800, but has a few good upgrades.

    Motherboard- Gigabyte 990fx ud3

    Cpu- Amd 6300 Am3+

    power supply- seasonic 750W gold, 100% modular

    memory- CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 1600mhz

    New graphics card- EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti 2GB

    You could skip the graphics card and use your old ones and still rebuild for around $500. You could also reuse your old cpu if its still good and save more. Its all up to you. Then when you get the machine running again you could save some more coin and get the 700 series card when it comes out.

    Hope this helps.
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